Animation And Design
Are Hot Career OptionsWhat have you thought for yourself?

Design and Animation has caught the fancy of students across the world. The sheer size of the industry and the gap in manpower supply, throws-up enormous opportunity for design and animation professionals. It is one such field that has application in virtually all sectors. Rising up to the phenomenal scope the smart ones have already taken to the sector in a big way. Now, it is your turn, untill or unless you do not want to be a part of the hottest global career.

Get into an industry that the world is craving for.
Get trained from Animasia, the leaders in Animation.

Animasia Design School offers a range of industry relevant design and animation courses at different levels with pathway opportunities for students to broaden their skills with future study or gain entry straight into the work force. You have the option of several entry and exit points. We do structure the timings of our courses in such a way that it is easier to finish one course and move straight into the next one.

Being part of the industry leading Touchstone Educationals Group that has over 14 years of experience in the educational sector, Animasia boasts of the right backing and proven credentials. With a globally prevalent syllabus, highly qualified & experienced tutors and visiting international faculties, Animasia leads in all the areas of training delivery and support.

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